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  Welcome! This page is a list of some of my online projects and haunts. I had to close more of my webpages. Well, one of them closed itself, LOL, my forum software crashed and burned. But you can still find me in a few places around the internet. I'll try to keep this up to date.

Ports of Call
My current haunts and hang outs on the net!
My best friends are imaginary… My Wordpress blog of random thoughts and doodles.
My Twitter I tweet comments and links from time to time.
Asynjur's deviantART gallery I've met some friends here, you comment on their artwork and the comment on yours. deviantART provides free online gallery space for poetry, photography, drawings and more. Language and artistic expression are used freely, so not child safe.
A place for your pet's story.. When disaster strikes Pet Society When the Facebook game Pet Society closed, I felt the pets should have a place to tell their own stories about how it ended, and what they went on to do.

Cyber Adoptions
B.J. Teddies Adopt teddy bears.
The Doghouse Our puppy adoption page, includes accessories and some desktop wallpapers.
Shop Around The Corner Part of a site I made for my mom-in-law quite a while ago. Adopt Big Nose Bears, Calico Kitties, Bovine Buddies and Portly Piggies.
Seal Adoption Agency Has two kinds of seals to adopt, each in a few different colors.

bunnyhero labs

bunnyhero labs

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